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Your can select multiple lists to use in any broadcast. Upload or download your lists easily and whenever you want. Lists can be uploaded from ASCII files or Excel spreadsheets.

We can provide a Bold To: Recipient Name Here on the header for better delivery to named recipients without the expense of a cover page.

Our service provides automatic area code correction with download capability. As time goes by, more area codes are added and even the best maintained list accumulates out of date phone numbers. With our area code correction feature you can automatically retransmit those faxes that failed due to an area code change and update your list as well.

Our broadcast fax service provides an exclude list to prevent unwanted faxes from being sent. Just type in or paste in the number(s) that you need excluded and you can stop worrying - those numbers will automatically be dropped from any future fax broadcast using any of your current or future lists. Works across all your lists without modifying the lists.